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Colin Chatfield

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Calendar of Family Birthdays and Events


Mon. 8/21 4:00 PM Harry John Carroll

Fri. 9/1 All day Joshua Chatfield (DoB unknown)

Tue. 10/3 All day John Robert Chatfield

Wed. 10/4 All day Layla-Paige Chatfield

Mon. 10/9 All day Cadan Howes

Wed. 10/11 All day Asaf Cohen

Mon. 11/6 All day Margaret May (Fullerton) (Chatfield) Pitt

Sat. 11/11 All day Armistice Day
Sat. 11/18 10:00 PM Richard Chatfield

Wed. 11/22 All day Maya Louise Carroll

Sat. 11/25 All day Martin Chatfield (Patriarch of the family)

Sun. 11/26 All day Anne Marie (Chatfield) Carroll

Mon. 12/25 All day Christmas
All day Christmas Day
Tue. 12/26 All day Boxing Day
Thu. 12/28 All day Martha Rose Loughnane

Mon. 1/1 All day New Year's Day
Fri. 1/19 All day Suzanne Jane Hosking

Sat. 1/20 All day Alexa Chatfield

Sun. 1/28 All day Tamsin Jane Chatfield

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